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Designed for beginners and new riders who haven't tried jumping yet. This accessory helps to understand the phases of a jump - the compression, the kick, weight distribution and landing.

Use & Function:

  • Connects to 2 ramps and forms a "Table"( NOTE: THE 2 MTB HOPPER RAMPS ARE NOT INCLUDED)
  • Additional wooden bars strengthen the ramps so that they could be used as landings. Warning: Don't use the ramps as landings without these bars.
  • The jump height ruler lets you measure your jump & compete with friends who can pull the highest bunny hop! The ruler can be used for flat surface bunny hop competitions too!

Take note that:

  • Designed for speeds 10-20km/h.
  • The Table Top is suitable to cover the gap between ramps, it's not recommended to stand on it for more than 1 person.
  • Always build the Tabletop with the wooden bars that let you use the MTB HOPPER ramps as landings

Technical details: 

Material: High-quality water resistant & CNC machined Plywood
Dimensions: 825 x 825 x 165 mm
Holding parts: High strength elastic rope
Weight: 8kg

Instructions HERE & video below:

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