MTB Trials, Street & Freeride Legend:
"The MTB hopper is a ton of fun!! It's easy to set up and the quality of the construction is incredible. I've been building ramps since I was a kid but none are as fun as the Hopper"


Professional mountain biker, Orange team rider, urban downhill specialist:
"The ramp is amazing! I can't believe how well built it is and how strong and steady! It will look so good on my new film project. I'm sure to use it often!"


Aurelien Fontenoy - Professional MTB Trials & Freeride athlete, vice world champion:
"MTB Hopper is the perfect toy for my videos and shows. Easy to fix, easy to ride ... 100% pleasure!

Rafaella Roxy 

Professional mountain biking coach/guide:
"I have to admit, I was very skeptical about the hopper at first, but then, I tried it and I was amazed!
1. It is SO easy to assemble, it’s totally intuitive. 2. It’s super lightweight, but still absolutely durable and high-quality. 3. It’s great for all levels of jumping. Even a total beginner gets the knack of it immediately. But if you want to go big, with the right skills, the hopper allows you to. 4. Considering quality, packing, assembling-simplicity and fast jumping success, the price is a great DEAL!"

Fabio Schäfer

PRO Mountain Biker/ Youtuber:
"The MTB Hopper ramp is a dream come true! Just call your friends and start a jump session where ever you want. It´s a high-quality ramp, easy to carry with you and there a no need for tools to setup up the ramp. No matter if you are a bike noob or pro, the world is a big playground, if you own the MTB Hopper ramp!".

Rafaella Roxy 

Have you noticed how everybody takes it for granted a bad experience is automatically, unreservedly, unremittingly bad? That nothing good could ever come from a bad childhood, for example? I’m hearing the comment more and more often that we have become a victim society. Every one of these comments sounds a lot like self-pity, like “I can’t be helped because I’ve been scarred beyond reclaim.” Well, maybe all of the bare facts are true, but isn’t it time to start looking for the positives that are buried in all that negative stuff? You can find more than garbage in your past. And all you’ve got to do is learn to look for it.

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