Touch It

Like a briefcase

The top plate of MTB HOPPER is like a briefcase, as the whole construction folds inwards.


MTB HOPPER is made of CNC machining water-proof plywood. Plywood’s characteristics are great: it is strong, flexible, tire-friendly.


When designing MTB HOPPER, we aimed for balance between strength and weight, between easy assembly and reliability, between attractiveness and safety.


MTB HOPPER’s slightly progressive geometry provides optimal smooth boost, while still suitable for faster speeds as well. This was achieved by connecting the three top segments in angles of 6 degrees. The adjustable legs let you control the overall angle of the kicker.

Fast and strong latches

PROTEX latches ensure that MTB HOPPER withstands all loads and is assembled quickly. The latches are zinc plated and rust-proof.

Hinges and rivets

Zinc plated hinges and stainless steel rivets.