MTB Hopper 2024 Lineup: Lighter, Faster, Smoother

We are pleased to announce an update to our product line, featuring the new generation of iconic, well-known ramps, as well as entirely new products. Designed for riders of all skill levels, MTB HOPPER offers the perfect ramp or set of products to elevate their skills and achieve more air.

A completely new level of portable ramps and landings aimed at enhancing skill improvement safely, achieving faster progression, and maximizing airtime in any place. High portability and mobility allow you to place the ramp in your backyard and transform it into your bike park or take the ramp to the city and discover new jumping spots.



What's new in the product line

Ramps and landings of the new line of products have a completely new innovative design and construction. As a result, the ramps have become even stronger and at the same time lighter, weighing 10% - 20% less than before.

And that's not all - the new design of all ramps and platforms simplifies the assembly and disassembly process.

A completely new solution is the bent smooth surface of the ramps - for a buttery ride: A revolutionary new surface for smooth take-offs will give riders a completely new jumping experience.

Increased stability: improved legs for the ramps - lighter, more stable, and all ramps now have a wider A-shape for even more stability, no matter which angle you approach the kicker.


The MTB HOPPER family welcomes two new family members

STREET Ramp: Crafted in response to popular demand from BMX and dirt/street riders to make a small kicker with air geometry, the STREET ramp is super mobile and light, easy to carry around like a backpack - perfect for urban adventures. Quick to assemble and transport, it's ready to use in just 30 seconds.


Mini PAD landing: This landing pad helps beginners and assists them in improving their skills and progressing faster by providing a comfortable landing zone, and the suspension will save them from casing, going over the bars, and making mistakes on the landing.


PAD EXPANSION: Seamlessly integrating with the PAD Landing, this expansion module extends the landing zone, enabling jumps of up to 4 meters with confidence.


    Get Ready to Level Up Your Shred!

    The all-new MTB Hopper lineup is ready to take your riding experience to the next level. With lighter designs, faster setup, smoother landings, and exciting new additions, there's something for everyone.

    Head over to the store and get yourself a ramp and a landing!