How To Land Smoother with Kyle & April

Landing a jump is the most often overlooked steps of riding your Mountain Bike. It's very important to know how to absorb the impact thus avoiding abuse to your body and your bike. Also, you'll notice you are a lot less tired and hurt after a whole day in the bike park!


Check out this video where awesome MTB Youtubers Kyle & April talk about landing smooth!

3 commentaires

  • Frank Troncoso

    Great video, just bought the coach & extension 11/29/21. Can’t wait to get it and start practicing.

  • Gary Wescott

    Hey you two are awesome I’m a 60 year old ex dirt bike , new emountain biker and that is such useful information absorbing the impact is so important cheers

  • Oliver

    Hi what is your cheapest kicker ramp

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