Body Balance for Mountain Biking

The key to absolutely crushing a technical section of trail or kicking-off every jump you see is balance. By mastering this basic mountain bike skill, you’ll become more confident and comfortable, and you’ll achieve better bike-handling to help you stay upright and safe.

Balancing on a mountain bike as it shifts beneath you sounds easier than it actually is. While more riding time gradually improves your balance, getting in the proper position when the greater balance is needed on difficult terrain is where you should start.

That's why we asked a professional coach Chus Castellanos from Planet MTB Spain School to explain the body balance & how to master it.


In all gravity sports, we have to control two main axles: horizontal and vertical. A horizontal axle is to manage the balance between the body and the bike. And the vertical axle is to manage the center of gravity of the body.

We recommend practicing the range of movement in a flat spot to control it before do it in a real situation. In a pump track for example.

Rolling into the weeks of your practice & improvement, you can play with the speed and start to jump in a safe spot. MTB HOPPER Lite can help you with that as you can place it anywhere. If you don't want to land on a hard surface - just put up a landing from cut-off grass or an old mattress that's somewhere in the backyard.

Dive into the video to see the tips in action!

Also, if you plan to visit Spain somewhere around Alicante, make sure to book a lesson from Chus!


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