How To Jump A Mountain Bike for Beginners? Video Featuring Ben Deakin

Hey, Riders!

We are glad to announce our new Blog series featuring various Mountain Biking professionals!
We'll create lots of useful mountain bike skills content for beginners & advanced riders and hopefully help you with both theoretical & practical understanding of how everything works!

Let's kick off the series with PRO Racer & Instructor - Ben Deakin(aka the @Deakinator).
We are sure you saw his sick edits on Youtube.

Check out his Youtube Channel or book a Mountain Bike skills course on his website.

 So How to Jump a Mountain Bike?

In this video, Ben will explain the basics of How to Jump a Mountain Bike for beginners and cover 2 basic Jumping techniques:

  • Push - The simplest & safest way to start jumping a mountain bike. It's important to focus on pushing the bike while we are on the base of the jump and relax once as quickly as possible once we are in the air. 

  • Pop - Slightly more advanced technique to get more air & distance in your jumps. You need the same focus to push the bike while on the takeoff and standing up once we hit the peak of the jump. 

Enjoy & please share your feedback in the comments!
What skills content would you like to see in the future?

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