MTB Hopper Jump Progression session with Rich Drew

Rich Drew:

Jumping a mountain bike is simple, it's just not easy. There's no shortage of people telling you how to jump, but how much relevant experience do they actually have? Jumping a bike is managing energy and the ability to do that comes with repetition and experience. The MTB Hoppers allow us to give you that experience in a controlled environment at The Ride Series.

Follow along on a JUMP Session in the MTB Capital of the World, Bentonville AR! Follow along on the daily adventures and behind the scenes on Instagram:​

It was super rad to have the Hempdogg, Austin Hemperley in attendance as a guest coach. One of the key elements of The Ride Series is that our coaching staff speaks from experience and Austin has a bit of it. As a factory Fezzari rider, Austin is competing at the highest levels of Enduro racing in North America. Starting his racing career at four years of age, Austin has been jumping a bike for quite some time and he draws on thousands of experiences to convey the technique to our students.

Add in this wealth of experience and the environment we provide, students progression is generally off the charts! The key with our JUMP Sessions is the repetition and instant feedback. Acquiring data is the only way to make progress jumping a bike and it's generally very difficult to find a spot to fast track that data acquisition. Once you find that spot, understanding how to manage the energy that's being created is critical. Sure, I have my opinions when it comes to jumping, but physics and gravity will ALWAYS prevail.

I'm excited to partner with @MTB HOPPER​ and @Area51 films for this dive into a TRS JUMP Session. Check out for more information and stay tuned for our Summer/Fall schedule. You can also come train with us in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, Bentonville AR. We have demo bikes available for either Ground School sessions like you saw in the video or On Trails sessions. Shoot us a message at for more details.

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