Introducing the STREET Ramp: Your Ultimate Urban Adventure Partner

Are you prepared to transform your urban biking escapades? Enter the STREET Ramp – the latest innovation tailored for BMX, dirt/street, and MTB riders. Designed for urban environments, this hardtail-friendly ramp promises to elevate your city explorations to new heights.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the STREET Ramp's bent surface ensures quiet rides and exceptional roll. It delivers an entirely new, buttery smooth sensation during takeoff.

Geared toward exhilarating aerial maneuvers, the STREET Ramp features aggressive geometry perfect for executing airy jumps and tricks. With a height adjustment range from 530mm to 620mm (20.86 to 24.4″)  and a leg travel of 125mm / 4.9, you have the flexibility to customize the ramp to your liking.

One of its most remarkable attributes is its versatility. With adjustable legs, it can conquer any terrain – whether it's stairs or other obstacles, this ramp is ideal for spot hunting.

Its completely new construction ensures the ramp is both sturdy and lightweight (only 8.4kg / 18.5 lb), facilitating effortless transport and setup.

Plus, its quick transformation into a backpack allows for effortless relocation, ensuring you never miss out on the next adrenaline-packed location. The ramp is pre-assembled, ready to use in just 30 seconds.

And let's not forget about compatibility – the STREET Ramp seamlessly integrates with MTB Hopper's MINI PAD and PAD, offering endless possibilities for creating setups for progression and thrilling sessions.

The STREET Ramp invites you to unleash your inner daredevil and explore the urban landscape like never before. Get ready to take your riding to new heights with the MTB Hopper STREET Ramp – the ultimate urban adventure partner.