MTB Hopper reviews

World-renowned riders, elite athletes, and everyday adventurers like you, all trust MTB HOPPER to deliver incredible jumps.
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Wyn Masters

Wyn Master is a New Zealander Enduro World Series round winner.

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Sam Pilgrim

Sam is a professional Freeride Mountain biker and FMB World Champion in 2013.

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Aurélien Fontenoy

Youtuber, Pro MTB rider, Three times junior world champion, two times junior European champion and three times senior vice-world champion.

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Burak Uzun

Pro MTB Rider, Turkey Enduro Champion, Turkey Downhill Champion.

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Lukas Knopf

Pro Mountain Bike Athlete. German Slopestyle rider and Youtube star.

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Zozo Kempf

Zoltán Kempf aka Zozo Kempf is BMX rider from Hungary. He became Amateur BMX World Champion in 2013 at BMX Worlds

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Jeremy Malott

Malott won the freestyle BMX championship in 2016. He took first place in Best Trick at FISE events in Montpellier and in Hiroshima.

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Geoff Gulevich

Geoff, or Gully is a Professional Freeride Mountain Biker, world traveller and content creator.

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Mario Román

Mario Román, is a Professional Extreme Enduro Rider, Enduro Champion and Youtuber.

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