How to do a 360 degree turn on a Mountain Bike?

Alright, you learned the basics of jumping bikes, invested a lot of time to repeat all the moves, and feel ready for the next step? 

Great! Lets' move to the amateur level with the 360 trick!
For this video, we worked with Tom Cardy who is a professional Mountain Biker sponsored by many famous brands. 

To learn this trick, we suggest using a hardtail dirt/street bike or similar as they usually are more compact, lighter, and rotates easier as there is no suspension to absorb your body input. Also, it's equally important to learn the 180-degree turn on a flat surface, however, focus more on the rotation with both wheels(not the bunny hop style) as it's very similar to what you will do on the 360.

Jump over to the video below where Tom speaks about the 4 steps that make the 360 trick!

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