How To Jump? A Tutorial by Roxy for begginers

Finally, it's time to get some air!

We hope you watched the previous videos were Roxy & other coaches spoke about the Bunny Hop, Body Balance & the other important things to know & practice before jumping.
All the skills you learned will come in handy in this next step of Jumping!

There’s no way around it, Mountain Bike Jumps are plain fun so we suggest diving into the video below where Roxy explains jumping in detail!

The key to the takeoff is pumping, and that means you’re going to press your body weight into the bike through your feet. As the front wheel is about to leave the ground, start extending your legs, and stand up fast. Once in the air, stay calm, breathe, and relax. If you can stay loose & relaxed, your bike will stay balanced, your landing will be smoother and you’ll be able to adjust the bike underneath you if you have to.


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