MTB FITNESS: How to Workout & Why it's important?

We all know riding a Bike is an epic way to exercise, but it also means that we overuse some muscles whilst others are completely neglected. If you focus only on getting air from jumps and no other workouts, it's even more important to address this problem.

Giving yourself extra love in the gym will not only make you stronger & more balanced, but it will let you become a much better rider, and lastly, but very importantly - will protect you from injuries.

In this video, a professional MTB Coach Laura Celdrans & Physical Trainer Adrian will guide you through the exercises that will strengthen your

  • Abdominal & Lumbar
  • Arms
  • Legs.

The video is split into 3 parts(workouts). These workouts can be done once a week at home or in your local gym. We encourage you to try this out for a few weeks and we guarantee you'll feel better and the bike will be easier to control!

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