Overcoming Fear Part II: Step Up

"Episode 2 of overcoming fear and In this video I am teaching Kara overcome fear and send a step up jump.. Kara is a complete MTB beginner but she is progressing well and for me teaching her its been really rewarding seeing her progress to this level.

We started on the basics and progressed through beginner MTB tricks, learnt how to ride corners, hills and common bike park features including jumps and in this video Kara is learning step downs using the MTB hopper pro kicker!

The kicker ramp is perfect for learning because the ramp feels the same in every situation and you can start with a small gap and work your way up as a well as move the same kicker to different situations... perfect for building confidence if you are a beginner!"

Tom Cardy

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  • ronan kelly

    sick for a begginer. i am to.

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