What You need to know before Jumping a Mountain Bike? Featuring Roxy

This time our guest is Roxy!

Roxy is an experienced coach with more than 10 years of experience.
Our partnership with Roxy started a few years ago when we started helping her with coaching equipment.
From our experience, it's difficult to achieve good jumping skills results or even have an accident if the basics of how mountain bikes work are skipped.
Remember those Friday-Fails nose-dive crashes, when somebody jumps a ramp with their rear shock rebound on a fully open position? - Exactly.

In this video, we will talk about the main things that will help you jump better and avoid accidents.

We'll cover these questions:

  • What kind of bike do you need to use to jump?
  • How much tire pressure to run?
  • What type of pedals to use?
  • What protection to wear?

Roxy is a full-time mountain bike instructor, mtb guide, fear, and phobia coach and mental trainer. She lives in Mallorca, Spain, and has been working with the MTB-Hopper Ramps for over 5 years now. She likes the ramps because they are light, easy to mount and dismount, durable and perfect to teach jumping to beginners and to refine jumping for advanced riders.
In these educational videos, she gives an intro to our beginner-friendly Ramp MTB-Hopper LITE and shares a few skills tips.
Book Roxy for coaching: www.roxys-coaching.com
Visit Roxy for a trail camp: www.roxybike.com
Roxy's YouTube: www.rideandinspire.com
Roxy's online coaching platform (German) www.roxybike.online

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