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Modular balancing kit for MTB / BMX bikes

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SKINNY - Our new product that is inspired by the North Shore MTB riding locations.

Skinny is a portable and adaptable product designed specifically to elevate your biking skills safely. It serves as a versatile training tool  aiming to improve your balance, boost your confidence, and improve your overall riding skills

One Skinny bridge. An upgrade for the Skinny Bundle or Skinny Set

Bridges have adjustable height legs with rubber feet. It ensures stability on any uneven surface and lets the geometry of the track to be changed easily.

The form and the length of your track depends on your imagination!  
Separate modules can be put in a straight line or with turns, the surface can be flat or with ups and downs. 

Perfect for balance training and acquiring a skill set for North Shore track. Ideal for relaxed and precise bike handling. Designed for beginners up to advanced riders. 

A very useful tool for MTB coaches to teach balancing and handling techniques safely.

Get comfortable with the balance feeling in a fun, creative and safe way!

Skinny works perfectly with Intro and Coach ramp.

Assembly: 1 min
Weight limit: 130 kg

Ready to use bridge dimensions: 1000 (height) x 460 (length) x 370 (width) mm
Briefcase dimensions: 980 x 370 x 110 mm
Product weight (total): 3.7 kg

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging): 1020 x 250 x 90 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 4.3 kg

Designed for: Mountain Bikes & BMX
Recommended Rider Level: Beginners, Amateurs, and Professionals

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