Jeff Lenosky
Jeff Lenosky - MTB Trials, Street & Freeride Legend:
"The MTB hopper is a ton of fun!! It's easy to set up and the quality of the construction is incredible. I've been building ramps since I was a kid but none are as fun as the Hopper"

Ben Moore
Ben Moore Professional mountain biker, Orange team rider, urban downhill specialist:
"The ramp is amazing! I can't believe how well built it is and how strong and steady! It will look so good on my new film project. I'm sure to use it often!"

Aurelien Fontenoy - Professional MTB Trials & Freeride athlete, vice world champion:
" MTB Hopper is the perfect toy for my videos and shows. Easy to fix, easy to ride ... 100% pleasure!

Rafaella Roxy - Professional mountain biking coach/guide:
" I have to admit, I was very skeptical about the hopper at first, but then, I tried it and I was amazed!
1. It is SO easy to assemble, it’s totally intuitive. 2. It’s super lightweight, but still absolutely durable and high-quality. 3. It’s great for all levels of jumping. Even a total beginner gets the knack of it immediately. But if you want to go big, with the right skills, the hopper allows you to. 4. Considering quality, packing, assembling-simplicity and fast jumping success, the price is a great DEAL!"

Marc Brodesser - professional Mountain biker, coach:
"It was love at the first sight - the MTB hopper ramp is the pure definition of freeriding for me! The mobility is so rad, you can jump and push your limits everywhere. I can use it for the liquid-life bikeschool, where many clients want to improve their jumping skills and don't have a bikepark in front of their house! I really recommend the ramp for urban riders, because it transforms the city to a fun playground for collecting airmiles on your bike!"

Fabio Schäfer - PRO Mountain Biker/ Youtuber:
"The MTB Hopper ramp is a dream come true! Just call your friends and start a jump session where ever you want. It´s a high-quality ramp, easy to carry with you and there a no need for tools to setup up the ramp. No matter if you are a bike noob or pro, the world is a big playground, if you own the MTB Hopper ramp!"
"Does the MTB Hopper work? Well, after an extended huck-to-flat competition, there's no doubt about it – it performs exactly as advertised" read more HERE

" The MTB Hopper leaves an overall high-quality impression and is an interesting product for funny, spontaneous Jump sessions with friends" read more HERE